It’s hard to keep up with the scandals and outrages of the Trump regime.  Every day brings a new round of lies and insults to the rule of law.  But we can’t ignore them nor abandon our determination to be informed and vigilant.  Three very significant things happened yesterday:

1) The Senate decided to postpone their judiciary committee vote on Brett Kavanaugh so they can hold a hearing on the sexual assault allegation against him, a hearing which is now scheduled for this Monday.  In the past an allegation like this would have been investigated by the FBI and a report would be issued by them to the committee before witnesses were brought in for testimony. But in today’s corrupt Republican party, procedure and tradition are trampled for the sake of rushing a nominee to a SCOTUS seat before anything can get in their way, even credible charges of sexual assault.  It’s bad enough that only 4% of Kavanaugh’s documents were made available to the committee, and it’s even worse that it appears he perjured himself more than once during his initial testimony.  But to rush into a hearing about a sexual assault allegation without a corresponding investigation is irresponsible and reckless.

2) The Trump regime reduced the number of refugees admitted to the United States from 45,000 to 30,000 for the coming fiscal year.  Last year’s 45,000 cap was the lowest in four decades, and even with that cap we only let in around 21,000–despite hundreds of thousands of applicants.  The impulses of the Trump regime go against America’s fundamental embrace of immigrants and refugees, and reflect an undercurrent of White Nationalism propelling much of Trump’s policy.

3) Trump announced a release of classified documents from the Mueller probe.  Trump will selectively release certain FISA evidence–an unprecedented abuse of power–in a desperate attempt to bolster his claim of “no collusion, no collusion”. But by deciding which parts to release and which to keep secret, he has no credibility to claim the documents prove anything, and will put our nation’s security and the safety of intelligence agents at risk.  Many pundits are speculating that this is a diversion from other bad news that is about to break against Trump, which has certainly been his pattern in the past.  But most troubling are the former members of the intelligence community who are apoplectic about this action by Trump. He has a massive conflict of interest concerning these documents, so the release can only be viewed as an attempt to influence public opinion about an ongoing investigation.  John Nichols, who writes for The Nation, says:

The selective release of classified information is an abuse of power.  If a president engages in this abuse for self-serving or political purposes, he has committed a classic impeachable offense.

Congressman John Faso remains silent on of all these scandals, avoiding mention of  Trump’s name on social media–much like wizards avoiding the name Voldemort.  Instead Faso keeps blathering on Twitter about Delgado busing up activists from Manhattan to aid in voter turnout efforts.  This is the same John Faso who held a $1,000-per-plate fundraiser in Manhattan in May hosted by Paul Ryan. And the same John Faso whose campaign rakes in millions from outsider plutocrats like the Mercer and Koch families.  Republican hypocrisy knows no bounds.

The truth is, Delgado has a committed and energized group of volunteers working hard to get out the vote.  Most are from right here in NY-19 though some might also be coming up from Manhattan.  Faso is probably secretly resentful that people from New York City–or anywhere else –aren’t arriving to help his lethargic campaign.  But he has a built in advantage in the way our district was gerrymandered to avoid Poughkeepsie.  And while liberal billionaires are trying to help the world, conservative billionaires are trying to buy our democracy one Republican rep at a time, showering cash on Faso’s campaign.   Let’s stop them from renewing their lease on Feckless Faso and keep working to elect Antonio Delgado…

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