So much is going on in the news, both nationally and locally.  Here’s a recap of recent noteworthy news developments, along with interesting and relevant articles.

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort plead guilty to more felonies, then agreed to cut a deal with the Mueller team to give them whatever they want.

SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh was credibly accused of sexually assaulting a woman while they were in high school.  The victim sought treatment and, several years ago, took a lie detector test.  Republican Senator Jeff Flake said the nomination should not proceed without further inquiry. This could develop into a major obstacle to his nomination.

As hurricane Florence bore down on North Carolina, Trump lied about the death toll in Puerto Rico during hurricane Maria, claiming that the toll was far less than recent reports because those reports were compiled by people who want to inflate the death toll to make Trump look bad–as if he doesn’t do it all on his own.  Meanwhile NC saw historic flooding with many rainfall records shattered, and the rivers are still rising.  Hundreds of thousands of residents remain dislocated and power is out in large portions of the state.

Two articles were published last week that address pernicious myths about Democrats.  The articles are both worth reading and considering.  The first was written by David Leonhart in the NY Times, who argued that while it’s convenient for the media to describe both political parties as having become more extreme, it’s really the Republicans who have become extreme, while the Democrats have stayed mostly near the middle.

The second article surfaced in The Nation, written by Eric Alterman, addressing the myth that Liberals are intolerant of free speech.  When the speech landscape is viewed on a broad scale, it’s actually the Republicans who are the most intolerant, with Trump’s constant drumbeat “enemy of the people” leading the charge.

One fact that’s not a myth is the turnout for New York’s state-level primary, which was significantly larger than in prior midterm years, rising almost 300% from 500k to almost 1.5 million.  The turnout in Dutchess county was up over 200%, and pundits have been attributing the rise to a growing dislike of Trump.  Here is a more detailed report:

Delgado held several events this weekend, and all of them seem to have been extremely well attended.  In addition, a “Day of Action” in Rensselaer County sponsored by NY 19 Votes drew 58 volunteers to go door-knocking!  A Dutchess Democratic Women’s Caucus event at Clinton Vineyards featuring State Senate candidate Karen Smythe and Delgado’s wife, Lacey, also drew dozens of attendees.

Please watch for more opportunities to take action and help get out the vote.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…


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