Antonio Delgado was busy yesterday appearing at various events in our district.  He started the day in Catskill, meeting neighbors and walking the Catskill Street festival.  His team held a canvass event in Coxsackie later in the day.  And he spoke last night at a packed event in Hillsdale, Columbia County.  Delgado lets voters know where he’s going to be during the day so they can come out and meet him.  He posts his plans on social media, or just ask his campaign and they’ll tell you.

John Faso, on the other hand, only posts photos of the places he’s already been.  He’s still deathly afraid of being confronted by angry Democrats so he remains a stealth candidate to much of our district.  And yesterday on Twitter he retweeted a picture of Delgado with a bunch of volunteers and accused Delgado’s campaign of busing in “Democratic Socialists” from Manhattan for help.  Some of the volunteers may have been from outside the district, but many weren’t, and Faso’s post was immediately attacked by area activists who pointed out that much of Faso’s funding comes from billionaires who live outside the district.

As I wrote yesterday, the GOP is going to use the Socialist label as their main attack tool to smear Democrats ahead of the midterms.  And sure enough, Faso used it later the same day.  This is the kind of fear-mongering and generalizing that the GOP have become very good at.  They want voters to be afraid of Democrats…but we only need to be afraid of Trump, who continues to lie and destroy norms, and his lackey Faso, who must think voters will re-elect him as long as he continues to support Trump.  Above all, we need to be hopeful for a Democratic future where our friends and neighbors don’t lose everything when they get sick, and they can breathe clean air and drink uncontaminated water, and they can improve themselves through hard work and affordable education, and they can look forward to a dignified retirement, and they can feel confident of fair and equal treatment under the law.

Faso can accurately be described as a plutocrat and a corporatist, as well as a feckless supporter of Trump.  And his backers like the Mercers and Kochs are also plutocrats.  But when it comes to rich Republicans, there was a bit of good news yesterday.  Leslie Wexner, a long-time Republican donor–and the wealthiest in the state of Ohio–renounced the Republican party, saying he could no longer support the party’s “nonsense”.  Wexner proves that there are wealthy people of conscience willing to put country and patriotism over profits by turning against the Trump regime and the GOP.

Please don’t sit on the sidelines.  A great event is happening today from 3-to-5pm in Clinton Corners, “Stand Up For Women’s Rights” and Meet the Candidates, sponsored by the Dutchess Democratic Women’s Coalition (DDWC).  Here is the info:

Image may contain: text

Democrats win when they show up and vote.  So we need all the help we can get to turn out our voters when we go to the polls in less than two months.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

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