Yesterday was a banner day for the Mueller investigation and a horrible day for the Trump regime.  Former Trump campaign manager and long-time Republican insider Paul Manafort pled guilty in federal court to several felonies, including criminal conspiracy against the United States.  More importantly, Manafort disclosed that he will be co-operating with the Mueller investigation “fully and truthfully”, which would only matter to Mueller if Manafort proffered something important to help his already significant investigation.  And it’s not difficult to imagine that Manafort has a lot of dirt on Trump and his children.

Manafort also agreed to forfeit $46 million in cash and assets, which more than covers the cost of the Mueller investigation ($8 million thus far).  This would not have occurred unless the Feds had a ton of rock-solid evidence to present in his upcoming second trial, notwithstanding the first trial in which Manafort was found guilty on eight charges.  Legal pundits went crazy on cable TV and social media over the significance of his plea agreement.  Manafort must now give the government everything they want or risk violating the terms of his cooperation agreement.  Regardless, Manafort will stay in jail until he is sentenced, and that won’t happen until he has satisfied the terms of his agreement, which could be years.  And then he will have to serve his sentence, which will almost certainly include more jail time.  His assistance to the government will mitigate his sentence, but it won’t eliminate it.

Details of Manafort’s charges are beyond the scope of this blog, but they are fascinating.  And this plea deal will certainly cause tremendous anxiety for Trump and his inner circle.  Between Manafort, Cohen (Trump’s fixer), and Weisselberg (Trump’s accountant), the Mueller investigation has all the pieces necessary to see the full picture of Trump’s activities in his businesses and in his campaign, and this is the worst case scenario for Don The Con.

On the local front, we are now in the final phase of the Congressional race and things are going to continue to heat up.  A pressing issue arose on Bill Maher’s show last night–the Republican strategy for the next two months is to scream that Democrats are SOCIALISTS over and over, and I’ve already seen a lot of this on Twitter in recent days.  Some of our candidates have had the bad sense to call themselves Democratic Socialists (Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez) which any smart person knows is not the same as a Communist-era Socialist, but we’re no longer dealing with smart people in the public sphere.

Maher suggested the Democratic response should be, “We’re not Socialists but you’re Traitors,” which is a good start.  But as I’ve asked on this blog before, isn’t there are better name or descriptive label than Democratic Socialist?  A name that describes what we’ve had in the country for over 100 years–a blend of Capitalism and Socialism that keeps the best of both and minimizes the worst of both.  Many of the top advertising agencies in the world, the best marketers, the most creative people in the world, are in the New York area, and a large majority of them are liberals.  So why can’t we do at least as good a job of labeling and framing this issue???  It’s a confounding mystery.  Any good suggestions out there?

The vibe in the aftermath of the primary election is positive, and it’s being bolstered by the Mueller investigation.  We have to focus all of our energy and efforts on getting our the vote and demoralizing Team Faso.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

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