As we head to the voting booth today to decide the state-level primary contests, there is promising news for Antonio Delgado.  A Monmouth University poll was released yesterday showing support among all potential voters at 45% for Delgado and 43% for Faso.  Among likely voters, the numbers were a percent better, 48% for Delgado and 45% for Faso.  When we consider this poll along with the others that have been released in the past two weeks, the race is truly a toss-up.  But these numbers also mean that the negative ads produced by Paul Ryan’s Congressional Leadership Fund PAC haven’t worked well enough to give Faso a distinct advantage, and for an incumbent, that’s a problem.  He is already known, and attitudes about him are tougher to shift.  If he can’t move the needle by smearing Delgado, he simply might not be able to move the needle.

This should give us optimism that we can beat Faso, but it’s also a reality check that we can’t get complacent or coast to victory.  We need all hands on deck working together and rowing in the same direction.  It could be a very close race.  We need to keep the pro-Delgado conversation going in the public square (online, at protests, in the grocery store, etc.) , as well as the anti-Faso conversation.  And we need to do whatever we can to get out the vote.

At the risk of being repetitive, here are the organizations where you can get involved if you’re not already.  Anything you can do to help get people to the polls in November makes a difference.

1 – The Delgado Campaign.  They always need volunteers to help them do any number of tasks that keep the campaign machinery running smoothly.  You can contact them through his campaign website.

2 – NY19 Votes.  You can sign up on their website and help them support a range of local candidates in myriad ways.  You can canvass with their experienced team, or you can join one of their phone banks, or you can buy one of their brilliant post-card kits and reach out from the comfort of your own home to area residents using a list they provide.

3 – Swing Left.  You can register on the Swing Left website to receive announcements about actions and events.  They are a national organization working to flip the House blue and are active in our district.

This isn’t an exhaustive list.  There are many other groups working in our area, including,,, and your local Democratic Committee.

As Trump continues to careen along like a bull in a china shop, and Faso’s allies continue to smear Delgado by distorting his old rap album, it’s more important than ever that we change course.  Below is an incredibly inspiring and well-done video that captures the current direction of the Democratic brand, produced by Future Majority.

“We want our America back, the land of decency and fairness, of generous hearts and big dreams…as long as everybody plays by the SAME RULES.”

It’s a must watch, and seems perfect for this political moment:

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.  We can start by VOTING TODAY in the STATE PRIMARY!

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