A hurricane is bearing down on North Carolina as the entire NC coast has been ordered to evacuate.  The hurricane could include a massive storm surge and feet of rain.  It’s a horrible impending disaster, made worse by the fact that our president is incompetent and staffs our federal agencies with loyalists who are often completely unqualified for their jobs.  FEMA is currently managed by a seemingly experienced emergency management careerist, but his work in Puerto Rico left a lot to be desired.  Let’s hope NC fares better.

John Faso posted a picture yesterday on social media of himself shaking hands at a picnic with a caption that he has held over a thousand meetings with constituents in NY-19, as if that were an acceptable substitute for never holding a town hall.  Faso’s meetings have mostly been with supporters and the like-minded, which cannot come close to replacing town halls where it’s much harder to control the narrative and bullshit without getting called out.  It’s clear Faso feels vulnerable about the #NoShowFaso label and wants to try to diffuse it, so we would be wise to shout it as often as possible.

Recently several trolls have been using the NY19 hashtag on Twitter to make annoying posts, often including bogus economic praise for Trump.  Here is an excellent graphic that puts the Obama years into perspective relative to Trump’s year and a half:

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New polls were released yesterday that were devastating to Trump.  A new Quinnipiac poll showed that 60% of Americans believe Trump is NOT honest.  And 65% believe Trump is not level headed.  The biggest shift within the numbers came from voters identifying themselves as Independents, whose attitudes towards Trump seem to be falling off a cliff–potentially good news for the midterms.

Meanwhile, today marks the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, a tragedy that many of our residents were directly affected by.  It’s a good reminder that our way of life and our democracy are often more fragile than we want them to be, and must be tended with persistent effort and determination.  One of our main responsibilities is to vote, and we will get that chance on Thursday for the state-level primaries.

Let’s keep working to get out the vote so we can Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

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