Happy Monday.  Three things you need to be aware of as the week commences:

1)  SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh lied several times during his confirmation hearing and should not be allowed to ascend to the highest court in the land.  His testimony would have been an epic scandal in any other administration, but in the Trump regime lying is so frequent and pervasive that Republicans have become blind to it, especially Republicans in Congress.  Activists need to continue to shout that Kavanaugh is unfit to serve, that if he does serve he should be impeached for perjury, and his confirmation process was an abomination unbecoming the Senate.

2)  Rep John Faso has refused at least twice to debate Antonio Delgado 1-on-1.  Several media outlets (WMHT and Spectrum) have longstanding rules that candidates polling at less than 5% support won’t be invited to debate, as they are not deemed newsworthy, which is entirely appropriate and reasonable.  But Faso want’s all candidates on the ballot to be in the debate even though the rest have less than 5% support.  He knows the others are Progressive and will siphon off votes from Delgado a la Ralph Nader, and he knows they will take time and energy away from Faso having to defend his abysmal record, his horrible votes, his retrogressive policies, and the lie he told to a constituents’ face about protecting her health care.  Faso deserves to be called out on social media, in letters to the editor, in your local hair salon, wherever…


3)  This is State Primary Week, with voting set for this Thursday, the 13th.  So use this week as a rehearsal for November.  Double check your polling place, plan you visit in advance, and take time to get there.  Also try to remind your family, friends and neighbors to vote.  The primary is important, and this year includes the primary for State Attorney General featuring two candidates well known in our area, Zephyr Teachout and Sean Patrick Maloney.  So get out and VOTE.

BONUS)  Several great anecdotes appeared on local Indivisible Facebook pages this weekend about Democratic canvassers who were door-knocking and met a Republican voter and an Independent voter who were both aghast at the GOP and the state of national politics and were enthusiastic about voting for Democrats.  It’s only an anecdote, but it’s heartwarming and hopefully adds fuel to our efforts to reach as many people as we can in our work to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

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