Now that the confirmation hearings are over, it seems safe to say that nominee Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath more than once.  Will anyone in the GOP care?  Will he still get confirmed?  Rachel Maddow reported last night that his 2006 testimony for a DC Circuit Court spot, he claimed not to have done work on the controversial nomination of another judge, Charles Pickering.  Turns out he was very involved in work to nominate that judge based on emails that have come to light during the current hearing.

Kavanaugh also lied about his involvement in the Miranda scandal, where memos were stolen from Democratic Senators and distributed to Republican operatives.  Kavanaugh said under oath he knew nothing about the stolen memos, but an email emerging now makes it clear that Kavanaugh did know about the stolen memos.  Perjury to Congress.

The more we learn, the clearer it becomes that the GOP has been rushing the Kavanaugh nomination through the Senate because he is such a lousy choice.  Sure, he’s a partisan hack whose mind is made up about any number of legal cases and theories.  But he’s also an epic liar.  He’s also got a history that many of us don’t really grasp.  Here’s an illuminating and disturbing article from David Brock, who urges us to reject Kavanaugh.  They used to be good friends.

Both Ted [Olson] and Brett [Kavanaugh] had what one could only be called an unhealthy obsession with the Clintons — especially Hillary. While Ted was pushing through the Arkansas Project conspiracy theories claiming that Clinton White House lawyer and Hillary friend Vincent Foster was murdered (he committed suicide), Brett was costing taxpayers millions by pedaling the same garbage at Starr’s office.

The GOP has become so craven in the era of Trump that they can’t help themselves but rush an extreme judicial activist through an illegitimate nomination process even if it stains the Judiciary committee for years to come.  It’s a disgrace, but of course the Trumpers won’t care, because they have no morals, values or ethics.

The GOP is the party of John Faso, who has remained shamefully silent in the face of the flood of corruption, lies and crime flowing from the Trump regime.  Faso and the noxious dark-money PACs that fund TV commercial smearing Antonio Delgado have the nerve to suggest that Delgado doesn’t reflect the citizens of NY-19. But this implies that our district is reflected in a sleazy scandal-ridden lobbyist who only cares about billionaires and lacks the spine to stand up to a corrupt, inept, incompetent and vicious liar in the White House.  That’s not who we are…

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

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