Yesterday was an explosive day in the Senate confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh.  Democrats, led by Cory Booker, denounced the process put in place by Republican Chairman Chuck Grassley as partisan and illegitimate, especially because less than 10% of Kavanaugh’s writings and documents had thus far been released to Congress for scrutiny.  So Booker went ahead and released documents to the public that had been deemed “committee confidential” by a partisan civilian lawyer, noting that the documents did not contain anything requiring them to be withheld and that no legitimate bi-partisan process had affirmed them “confidential,” and that in fact they were pertinent to the hearings and crucial to the public interest.  Booker was threatened with expulsion from the Senate for breaking Senate rules, and his response was “bring it.”  His Democratic colleagues then joined him in supporting the release.

Now that we’re beginning to see what was in the confidential documents, it seems likely that the rush to confirm Judge Kavanaugh was, in part, a rush to keep his records from scrutiny.  His testimony from an earlier confirmation to the DC Circuit Court may well have involved perjury, as emails from yesterday’s document release seemed to suggest.  Here is an article from the Daily Beast on the details of how Kavanaugh lied under oath:

Also, Kavanaugh’s earlier writings about Roe v Wade and same-sex-marriage seem to suggest a highly partisan man incapable of being objective and open-minded.  The views emerging from his writings are disturbing, to put it mildly, and contradict his assertion that he will be fair and impartial.

At this point, it seems as if Kavanaugh is a Trojan Horse nominee–a man who has done a lot of rehearsing to appear fair, measured, and open minded, when in fact he is an ideologue with settled views on a variety of social issues that place him far outside both cultural norms and Supreme Court tradition.  The Republicans want to con us and seat Kavanaugh on the court before we fully understand how radical he is, and perhaps before we fully grasp how he had previously lied to Congress.

The Republicans may also want to rush Kavanaugh to the court because they fear (1) that Trump may be impeached soon, or (2) that Trump may be removed from office via the 25th Amendment soon, or (3) that Trump may be indicted or subpoenaed soon, and/or (4) that the GOP may lose control of the Senate at the midterms.

The Republicans have no morals, principles, values, ethics or scruples–which they’ve proven repeatedly during the Trump regime.  They will do anything, and sink to any level, to preserve their power and enact retrogressive legislation that a majority of citizens don’t want.  They endeavor to keep their minority rule by any means necessary.  So it’s good to see Cory Booker and others play rough.  The Judiciary Committee has been stained by Chuck Grassley and the outrageous “process” he has concocted for this hearing–a hearing that’s only necessary because Mitch McConnell stole a SCOTUS seat from Barack Obama in a historically corrupt and unprecedented manner.  So the Democrats better be prepared to get dirty if they want any chance of blocking Kavanaugh.

Rep John Faso can be accurately described as a Kavanaugh Republican.  Like Kavanaugh, Faso sides with wealthy corporate interests and CEOs over common citizens.  Like Kavanaugh, Faso wants to overturn Roe v Wade–and Faso’s voting record on women’s issues is abysmal.  Like Kavanaugh, Faso doesn’t seem concerned by vast executive powers being granted to a corrupt president.  We won’t start to beat back the corruption and dysfunction in Washington until we flip the House.  So let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

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