Yesterday was full of important news.  The confirmation hearings continued for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, moving into the interrogatory phase.  Senators asked him questions about his record, and he generally refused to answer any question of substance relating to how he sees certain legal precedents, especially in areas that are likely to come before the court.  Democratic Senators did a good job of grilling him, and it remains an open question whether he lied in his earlier Circuit Court confirmation when asked about his role in the Bush torture authorizations.  More will be revealed.

Also in the news were more damning disclosures from the Bob Woodward book, “Fear”, interviewing senior White House officials about the chaos surrounding President Trump, including his incompetence and temper, with various officials calling him an idiot and comparing him to a six-year-old.

Most notably, a senior White House official wrote an anonymous op-ed to the New York Times saying that he was part of an internal Resistance movement trying to keep Trump from doing anything too harmful to the nation, and that serious discussions have been undertaken by officials to consider removing Trump from office under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution but decided against it to avoid a constitutional crisis.  He described Trump as “amoral” and lacking any guiding principle.  Trump posted several angry tweets last night, and reporting later suggested that he was enraged and apoplectic that a senior official had, in his words, committed “treason”.  Here is the link to the op-ed:

Trump is becoming more distrustful and isolated as members of his cabinet and staff continue to leak, and continue to broadcast alarm that Trump is not fit for office.  It’s likely that a big shakeup will take place in the White House soon, and it’s also likely that Trump’s children will take on bigger roles, as they are the only people that Trump thinks he can trust.

Of course, Faso has said nothing about the corruption and chaos in the White House, instead talking about the importance of solving the opioid crisis while at the same time trying to screw citizens out of comprehensive health insurance.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

On a different note, an excellent article was published in the Atlantic by Matthew Stewart on how economic privilege has become calcified in America, how social mobility has been destroyed, and how it’s not just the top one percent or one-tenth of one percent that’s responsible.  It’s a deep and clarifying dive into the roots of inequality–a critical issue to Democrats and the Resistance–and worth the effort.  Thanks to Zachary from Indivisible CD 19 NY for posting on Facebook:

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