This happened yesterday:

Donald Trump lashed out again at AG Jeff Sessions, blaming him for allowing the indictments of CA Congressman Duncan Hunter (improper use of campaign funds) and Upstate NY Congressman Chris Collins (insider trading) to be announced so close to the midterms.  Trump was suggesting that Sessions should have jettisoned impartiality and played partisan politics to protect the GOP from scandal this close to an election.  It’s yet another norm-busting low for Trump, whose Twitter feed has become a sewer flowing with the excrement of  his desperate and malignant psyche.

Here’s a CNN summary of Trump’s tweet:

This is happening today:

SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh has his Senate confirmation hearing this morning and it is sure to include an intense grilling from Democrats.  Kavanaugh has been accused of lying to Congress during his previous confirmation hearing to the DC Circuit on the subject of whether he had any input to the Bush-era torture memos while he served in the Bush White House, so he will face questions about his previous testimony, as well as his recent ruling on a case involving abortion rights.  Kavanaugh is one of the least popular nominees in decades, especially among women due to his opposition to Roe v Wade.  Here is great reporting from MSNBC and Rachel Maddow on the Kavanaugh situation:

Despite the corruption of the Trump administration, and the possible crimes that Trump is implicated in, as well as the constant drivel coming from Trump’s Twitter feed confirming that is mentally unstable and unfit for office, our feckless congressman John Faso is ignoring the rot in DC and instead broadcasting over social media all of the things he wants his supporters to believe he has done, even though many of his “successes” are bogus.   We deserve a rep that doesn’t talk in vague platitudes or double-speak or straight up bullshit, which is why we need to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

Here’s a good contrast between the two candidates:

Delgado often posts where he is going later in the day, so you can go and talk to him.

Faso usually posts where he has been earlier in the day, so he can avoid talking to you.

Let’s keep working to build a Blue Wave…

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