Happy Labor Day!–a holiday brought to you by unions and the organized labor movement.  It’s sad but not surprising that Trump chose this week to announce he would block planned cost-of-living pay raises for two-million federal employees, so he clearly doesn’t give a damn about labor or unions or regular workers. But after a storm of bad press and blow-back, Trump might possibly reconsider to save face.

Two months from now we’ll be heading to the polls to push back against the grotesque and profoundly unAmerican Trump regime.  Much has been made of a recent Siena College poll showing Faso with a five point lead over Delgado, but Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight forecasting website have the race as a statistical tie.  Here’s a link to the detail:


One of the fundamental voting trends this year involves college-educated women leaving Trump and the GOP in droves. In NY-19, a majority of college-educated women prefer Delgado.  In fact, the resistance and the Indivisible movement are led primarily by women.  Not surprisingly, Faso and the Trump regime have in common a horrible track record on women’s issues.  Faso has stated publicly that he opposes Roe v Wade, and voted many times as an Assembly member against legislation that would have helped women. Here are some selected low-lights from the DCCC research report on Faso:

  • 1995: Voted against a bill that sought to prohibit companies from charging women higher premiums for disability income protection.
  • 1998-2002: Voted 21 times against initiatives to combat pay inequality between men and women, casting the lone “no” vote seven times.
  • 1999: Cast the lone “no” vote against expanding prenatal health care.
  • 1999: Voted against bill that provided millions of dollars for rape crisis centers.
  • 1999: Voted against bipartisan anti-stalking legislation.
  • 2002: Voted against women’s health bill that would have required health insurers cover preventive care services and expanded coverage of mammography, prohibit copayments and deductibles for mammography and cervical screenings.
  • 2002: Criticized for switching vote on bill that sought to combat health insurance discrimination against women by improving coverage for breast and cervical cancer screening.
  • 2016: Wrote op-ed about equal pay that argued “additional laws aren’t the answer,” described pay equity legislation as “job-killing federal regulations.”
  • Even Republicans in 2006 described Faso as an “extremist conservative” who “votes against women”.

As we approach the midterms it’s critical that women show up to the polls in big numbers, and it will help if they are reminded how badly served they have been by John Faso.  One action worth considering is the video project that Melanie at ITFIO has been shepherding, where ordinary citizens make short videos telling why they won’t vote for Faso and/or why they will vote for Delgado.  Here is an example, one of several on our YouTube channel:


If you want to contribute to this project, contact ITFIO from the Resources tab on our website, or reach out on one of our Facebook pages.

Immediately after Trump’s inauguration, the energy in the district was off the charts.  Fifteen hundred people showed up to Faso’s office in the tiny town of Kinderhook, and later marched a few blocks to surround his house and make sure he knew how disgusted they were, and how crucial it was that their health insurance gains wouldn’t be burned to the ground by the Trump regime.  That was the day Faso made a face-to-face promise to a constituent to protect pre-existing conditions…then weeks later broke that promise and revealed that he was on the side of corporate greed, not the side of our health and welfare.  Health care and affordable insurance concern everyone, but they are especially critical women’s issues.  Whether it’s affordable and accessible contraception, cancer screening, fair pricing for medical services, or pregnancy planning and choice, we simply cannot afford a Rep who wants to turn back the clock and destroy so many of our hard-earned and hard-won gains.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

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