On social media yesterday Rep John Faso was gloating over the Siena College poll that showed him up five points over Antonio Delgado in the NY-19 congressional race.  The poll probably undercounts young and minority voters, which is an area Delgado and the Indivisibles should continue to work to turn out.  Young voters are notoriously unreliable, but this season many have been motivated by their Florida peers after the Parkland shooting, so anything we can do to bolster that motivation will be helpful.

Another thing we can do is to broadcast information.  An activist yesterday saw a post on social media stating that Faso had voted against women 21 times while in the Assembly, and asked where that number came from.  I happened to know the source of that claim, from a massive document on the Indivisible Saugerties website of research on John Faso, compiled in 2016 by the DCCC.  It’s an amazing compendium of Faso’s professional career, his votes as an Assembly Member in Albany, and his mentions in the press.

In fact, it’s a fantastic source for activists looking for information on Faso to turn his flaws into memes or posts on social media, for example the details of the lobbying scandal he and his law firm were embroiled in that resulted in a five-year ban from lobbying pension funds.  The doc doesn’t cover his time in Congress, but that data is more readily available.  Here is a link to it:


We have two months to close the five-point gap and elect Delgado.  It’s going to be a tough battle, and we’re facing millions of dollars in dark money from billionaires outside the district trying to buy Faso a win.  But if our voters are motivated, and if Faso’s are demoralized, we can beat him and deal a blow to the corrupt GOP.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

PS – Another phone bank will take place on Tuesday Sept. 4th sponsored by Hudson Valley Strong at 5:30 at the Rhinebeck Town Hall, 80 East Market Street.  They’ll be helping to get out the vote for Delgado and Karen Smythe, so it’s a fantastic way to pitch in and help make a difference.  Please consider attending.

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