Polling results were released yesterday from Siena College showing Faso with support from 45% of likely voters, and Delgado with 40%.  Siena polls are neither the most accurate nor respected, and this one probably undercounts minority and young voters.  But it’s still a sobering assessment of the work we have to do to Fire Faso and elect Delgado.

Bolstering Faso’s bid for a second term is an ugly, divisive, dog-whistle ad against Delgado from the Congressional Leadership Fund PAC (associated with Paul Ryan), which cherry-picks lyrics from rap songs Delgado made a decade ago.  The ads are pure gutter politics, which Faso has either embraced or tolerated since the beginning of his political career, and are a specialty of the CLF, which is now under siege for making public a security clearance form of a Democratic candidate that they should never have been given access to.  Even though it is illegal for such forms to be disclosed, and this one was given to them by mistake, the CLF gladly used it, morality be damned.

The GOP will whine and moan about values when it suits them, but the truth is they don’t give a damn about morality or values or ethics.  They only care about power, and they will win at any cost to preserve their power.  Their ideas and actions are widely unpopular, so they have to cheat in order to win.  They have to gerrymander districts, or decrease voter turnout, or purge voter rolls, or create onerous voter ID requirements, or change long-standing rules, or violate long-standing norms, or spend mountains of dark money to Swift-Boat Democratic candidates.  They will also outright lie in order to con the general public into believing that the GOP cares about them, when all evidence proves that the GOP only cares about wealthy plutocrats and actively works to screw unions, screw workers, screw retirees, screw public employees, and take away basic protections whenever possible.

If we take the high road against the GOP, we will lose.  Bringing a knife to a gun fight is a losing strategy.  So we need to let the district know what a scumbag John Faso is.  We need to remind people that he was at the center of a lobbying scandal.  He spoke to the radical anti-government (hate) group Oathkeepers, spreaders of vile conspiracy theories.  He voted to replace the ACA with the AHCA, which would have gutted protections for people with pre-existing conditions.  He refuses to hold a town hall because he is a coward.  And he refuses to speak out against the myriad scandals and corruption in the Trump Administration because he is a Trump lickspittle.

Memes are especially powerful at making a point, especially when we share them outside our bubbles of like-minded friends.  Here’s an example:


If you come up with your own meme exposing the Real John Faso, or forward memes that impact you, you can make a difference in a tight election.  Because if we think that our passion and desire to win will elect Delgado, we will be sadly disappointed.  The Siena poll is a wake-up call.  We need to work to (1) get our Democratic voters to turn out on election day, or vote early, and (2) we need to take actions that demoralize Faso voters and keep them home on election day.

If our efforts are not furthering either of these two objectives, they are probably a waste of time.  We are facing a tough battle with a sleazy opponent backed by millions of dollars in dark money.  We can beat him by getting a lot more of our voters to the polls.  So let’s keep working elect Antonio Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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