Things are heating up in the race between Delgado and Faso.  Paul Ryan’s Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) PAC has been running a divisive, dog whistle ad citing “extreme” rap songs Delgado sang a decade ago and implying that Delgado doesn’t share the values of the district.  The ads certainly prove that Delgado was, at one point, a youth.   But while the ads are predictable, they are also absurdly hypocritical.  Ryan and his party have a lot of nerve talking about values when their standard bearer in the White House is the most vulgar, dishonest, divisive, corrupt sleazeball in modern history.

Song lyrics often pertain to a fictional character.  Elton John wasn’t singing about his experiences as a Rocket Man, he was pretending to be someone other than himself.  And the same can be said of Delgado’s singing. But Donald Trump was talking about himself when he boasted about “grabbing pussy “.  He was being himself when he smeared John McCain.  He was being authentic when he insulted a Gold Star military family.  And this is the guy Ryan and Faso and the GOP continue to support without hesitation.  Moreover, Faso spoke to a gathering of the hate group Oathkeepers as a candidate.  And Faso was at the center of a lobbying scandal that got his firm banned for five years from lobbying pension funds.  Their twisted values, or lack of them, don’t fit OUR district.

Delgado and Faso spoke at an Environmental  Forum in Callicoon last night sponsored by the NY League of Conservation Voters.  Faso is the guy who voted to allow coal waste to be dumped into rivers and streams, so it’s hard to see how he  can pretend to care about the environment, especially in light of the money he takes from the Koch Brothers and other greedy extraction champions.  See for yourself   Here is a link to the first half of the evening:

Link to the second half:

We need to beat back the BS that the GOP is trying to spread about Delgado, and we must continually point out that conservatives no longer have any credibility when it comes to values, principles, morals or ethics.  They destroyed it with Trump.

Let’s keep working to elect Antonio Delgado and Firing Feckless Faso…


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