Donald Trump invited Evangelical leaders to the White House recently and his comments to them were recorded and leaked.  He observed that if the GOP “loses” the midterms, Democrats will quickly move to impeach him and undo all of the wonderful things he has accomplished, adding that the Democrats will move “violently”, repeating the word “violent” several times.  His comment was fear-mongering straight out of the Third World Dictator handbook, meant to stoke fear, anger and hatred in his base to motivate them to go out and vote in the midterms.  Trump, as proves every day, is a singularly vile, reprehensible con man whose incompetence is only eclipsed by his pettiness–and willingness to do or say anything to get what he wants.

Trump knows that fear has been a great motivator of the GOP base for generations.  And the root of that fear can be traced directly back to the Civil War, according to Martha Hodes in an interesting article in the Washington Post:

The dread of racial equality lay at the root of the violence in Charlottesville last summer, a dread that can be traced directly to Union victory and black freedom.

Full article here:

Since the rise of the Tea Party it has been clear that certain citizens, particularly Southern whites, have never gotten over the humiliation of the Civil War.  They spent generations creating and perfecting a deceitful myth that the war wasn’t about ending slavery, but rather a tyrannical North trying to keep states from enacting their own laws (laws to enshrine slavery, for example).  They transformed Confederate soldiers from losers on the wrong side of history to noble gentlemen whose refinement and gentility and “way of life” was unfairly destroyed by the Union–and instilling a sense of victimhood and resentment and grievance that Trump embodies.  Anybody who worked in New York City in the 80s and 90s knows that Trump has always portrayed himself as a victim, as a man horribly wronged by an unfair world jealous of his wealth and “success”.

And Trump is still playing the same old tune, trying in desperation to whip up fear and resentment and division in hopes of averting a midterm wipeout for the GOP.  He’s playing with fire, but his unAmerican incitements are all but ignored by the people trusted with keeping the Executive Branch in check–our Congress.  And Rep John Faso is a trusted Trump enabler unwilling to stand up to any of Trump’s excesses.

We’ll have a chance tonight to see how Faso contends with a person of integrity, Antonio Delgado, as the two are scheduled to appear at a forum on the Environment in Callicoon at 6pm, hosted by the League of Conservation Voters.  The forum is sold out but it will be live-cast on Facebook on the NY LCV page:

Please tune into the event and post your impressions on Facebook or Twitter (#VoteDelgado and #FireFaso) if possible.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…


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