Yesterday was another public relations disaster for Donald Trump.  He refused to lower the White House flag to half-mast in honor of John McCain…until the public outcry became so loud that he had no choice.  His advisers became mortified that Democrats would produce campaign ads mentioning the White House flag fiasco, so Trump finally begrudgingly lowered it to half-mast.  But the damage was already done.  Veterans groups in particular were outraged, and campaign ads from Democrats using the flag tantrum might happen anyway.

But hard-core Trump cultists could care less.  Here is a fascinating article in the Atlantic by Peter Beinart on what Trump supporters care about, and how they see corruption differently than the rest of us.  Excerpt:

In a forthcoming book titled How Fascism Works, the Yale philosophy professor Jason Stanley makes an intriguing claim. “Corruption, to the fascist politician,” he suggests, “is really about the corruption of purity rather than of the law. Officially, the fascist politician’s denunciations of corruption sound like a denunciation of political corruption. But such talk is intended to evoke corruption in the sense of the usurpation of the traditional order.”

Trump supporters are worried about a restructuring of our nation that leaves whites, and especially white men, merely equal. Their privilege and hegemony are ending, and it feels like oppression.  Whether it’s women, gays or non-whites, a broad range of groups now demand respect and equality, which is unbearable and unacceptable to many older whites.

From a simple demographic perspective, Trump supporters are an ever-shrinking group.  Tens of thousands will have died during the four years of his first term without being replaced.  And in that same time period, tens of thousands of millennials will have attained the age to legally vote, most of whom are not Trump supporters.  Also, those who identify as Republicans are a shrinking group, some of the decrease coming from people fleeing the party because of Trump.

These trends won’t have a big effect in NY-19 so we have to work hard to get out the vote if we want to elect Antonio Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso.  Here’s a great graphic from Indivisible Chatham comparing the two candidates:


Let’s keep working…

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