The late Senator John McCain specified that he wanted at his national funeral in Washinton DC to be eulogized by Barack Obama and George W Bush, the two men he lost to in successive presidential campaigns, yet whom he respected and counted as friends.  He also specified that Donald Trump wasn’t to be invited.  Even in death McCain the Maverick stuck it to Trump, who must be apoplectic that he will miss out on an event that will surely get great ratings.  Apparently the White House prepared a statement lauding McCain’s life and achievements but Trump shot it down, preferring to say nothing positive amid an avalanche of national praise for McCain from across the political spectrum.  That’s the kind of petty, undignified vengeance we’ve come to expect from the graceless, soulless, ignoble golfer-in-chief.

As we start a new week, bear in mind that DOJ protocol generally prohibits indictments that may influence an election from being issued less than 60 days before the election.  Which means that this is the final week for the Mueller probe to indict anyone until after the midterms.  Rumors are flying on social media that another big indictment is coming, so we shall see if they prove to be true.  Last week was bad enough for Trump–being implicated as an unindicted co-conspirator in a federal election fraud felony–so another bad week could send him over the edge, especially in the form of manufacturing distractions, like revoking more security clearances or escalating a conflict in North Korea.

Yesterday our nation also suffered yet another mass casualty shooting, this time at a video game conference in Jacksonville, Florida.  A disgruntled gamer who lost in competition opened fire on his opponents, then shot himself.  It’s a tragic reminder that nothing has changed, our leaders in Congress have done zero to put forward common sense restrictions on guns.  And Rep John Faso has joined them in doing nothing because he’s in the pocket of the NRA.  In other words, he deserves to be sent back to lobbying and replaced by Delgado, who will substitute Faso’s extremism with common sense.

If you’re horrified by the Trump disaster and looking to take action, please consider joining Hudson Valley Strong tonight in Rhinebeck. They’re holding a phone bank at 5:30pm at the Rhinebeck Town Hall, 80 E Market Street, to support Antonio Delgado and other Democratic candidates by helping to get out the vote.  Activities like phone banking and canvassing are essential to Firing Feckless Faso this November so please stop by. It’s a good way to vent some anxiety and take control of our political future.

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