Yesterday was a crazy day at the end of a crazy week.  A lot happened in Trumpland, and also in our district.  Here were yesterday’s highlights:

1 – A former doorman at the Trump World Tower was paid to keep quiet about the details of an alleged affair that Donald Trump had with a housekeeper that resulted in an illegitimate child.  The non-disclosure agreement (NDA) he signed was with AMI (parent of National Enquirer) and his lawyer said on Friday that the doorman had been released from his contract and was now free to disclose whatever he knew.  This story has been in the rumor mill since April but so far no news agency has been able to corroborate it.  So we will likely find out soon if the story has any merit, or if AMI paid the doorman even though his tale was a fiction.

2 – The results of the NY-19 signature challenges came in, and two independent candidates for Congress were disqualified.  The most notable was Diane Neal, who has done next-to-nothing as a candidate, yet for whatever reason still wanted to be on the ballot.  She has held no events, raised very little money, and remained practically invisible, yet she states that she is going to appeal the signature count and get on the ballot.  Good luck with that.  The other candidate to be disqualified was Dal LaMagna, the seventy-two year old founder of the Tweezerman company, which he sold over a decade ago for $30 million.  Both of these disqualifications will hurt John Faso and help Antonio Delgado.  The race is likely to be close, and left-leaning independents would only damage the chances of the Democratic contender.

3 – The New York State tax department subpoenaed Michael Cohen regarding possible illegal conduct at the Trump Foundation.  The NYS Attorney General already has a lawsuit pending against the Foundation, but now the scope has widened to include possible tax fraud.  The new focus on the Trump Foundation increases the jeopardy of Trump’s children, who all have a hand in running the Foundation that the NYS AG has described as operating in a pattern of persistent illegal conduct.

The press is reporting that Trump is freaking out, and for good reason.  His former campaign chairman was found guilty of eight felony counts.  His lawyer plead guilty to eight felony counts.  His accountant is cooperating with Mueller.  His publishing friend and protector is cooperating with Mueller.  His foundation is looking more and more like a criminal enterprise.  And it’s clear that more dirt will be revealed.  Trump is a historically corrupt and probably criminal president, and his misdeeds are slowly emerging into the public spotlight.

What is John Faso’s response?  He’s railing against Governor Cuomo.  Faso has to keep his focus on Albany because the Swamp in DC is overflowing with Republican sleaze.  Faso is incapable of going against Trump and the GOP because Faso has no integrity and no backbone.  He’s a toady to the billionaires who fund his campaigns, ignoring his constituents and their needs.  And he’s ignoring the fact that Donald Trump is now an un-indicted co-conspirator in a federal fraud.  Disgraceful.

Let’s do everything we can to get out the vote and put our nation back on a safe and steady track.  We need a rep in Congress who will take action against corruption and abuse of power rather than enabling them.  We need to elect Antonio Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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