The Cohen/Manafort shit-storm continued yesterday. The consensus seemed to be that Trump is now in serious legal trouble, especially related to the campaign finance violations that Cohen plead guilty to that were “at the direction” of Trump.

Will the Cohen charges be enough to force Congress to act against Trump?  Probably not.  But the most interesting perspective on the whole mess came last night from Dan Rather, who appeared on CNN.  He reminded us that we still only know a small slice of the facts, while Robert Mueller and the investigators at the DOJ and FBI know a whole lot more, much of which we can’t even imagine.  He suggested that this sordid mess has a long way to go, and a lot more to be revealed.  Based on the evidence already in the public domain, he felt that the Cohen charges were only a small part of a much larger criminal history of Donald Trump that will leave us astonished when the dust finally settles.

No wonder Trump is freaking out and lashing out.  If nothing else, he will be indicted the minute he leaves office, and in the meantime his entire family is now in jeopardy.  The NY AG just announced a criminal probe into the Trump charitable foundation, which is alleged to have been a slush fund whose financial practices were in constant and longstanding violation of regulations.

Lost in all of the Cohen/Manafort news, we also learned that Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter and his wife were indicted and charged with using campaign funds to pay for personal expenses.  They are accused of conspiring to convert campaign funds to personal use in significant quantities in a broad variety of ways.  A writer at the Axios news agency quoted a GOP guru saying that “The Republican party looks like a criminal enterprise.”

Meanwhile Rep John Faso tweets about blocking fentanyl from being shipped to our communities and a Little League World Series player from our area.  If Faso’s tweets were your only news source you would have no idea that Washington was drowning in scandal and that Trump is now considered an undicted co-conspirator in a Federal felony campaign fraud case.

John Faso is a profile in cowardice.  He will never stand up to Trump, and we need to do everything we can to send him back to lobbying this November.  Let’s keep working to elect Antonio Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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