Yesterday was a watershed moment in the history of the Trump presidency.  Two giant events occurred almost simultaneously, both casting the Trump regime in an even more corrupt and criminal light.

First, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was convicted on eight felony counts including tax evasion, though the jury was unable to come to an agreement on ten other charges.  So another close, high level member of the Trump campaign is a convicted felon facing serious jail time.  He also has another trial looming in a different jurisdiction alleging that he lied and tried to hide the fact that he was a paid agent of a foreign power.  Will yesterday’s convictions and his looming second trial be enough to push Manafort to cooperate with the Feds and help them go after bigger fish?  Time will tell.

Second, and much more importantly, Trump’s long-time “lawyer” and fixer Michael Cohen pled guilty yesterday to eight felony counts, including tax evasion, bank fraud and campaign finance violations.  In Cohen’s description of his crimes, he noted under oath that he committed felony campaign finance fraud under the direction of a candidate for office–Donald Trump.  This bombshell admission implicates Donald Trump in a federal crime, meaning Trump is now an unindicted (or yet to be indicted) co-conspirator with Cohen.  Cohen says that they conspired to influence the election by paying hush money to two women in order to keep them from publicly disclosing their affairs with Trump.  Trump might avoid indictment while in office (the law is unclear and untested in this scenario) but he will surely be charged once he leaves office.  And more to the point, the clear appearance that Trump conspired to commit felony election fraud is the kind of “high crime and misdemeanor” that can, and should, lead to impeachment by Congress.

Will Republicans in Congress grow enough spine to uphold their oaths and move to impeach Trump?  Probably not, which itself is a historic disgrace and a betrayal of the American system and people.  But they will never again claim to be a law-and-order party now that a criminal president sits in the Oval Office at their leisure.

Here is the critical task for NY-19 in the days and weeks ahead.  We must press Rep John Faso to move toward hearings, investigations and impeachment, or face constant harassment from voters until Faso is voted out of office.  Either Faso does the right thing and goes against Trump, or he betrays his oath of office and incurs our wrath.

How do we rid our nation of a corrupt and criminal presidency?  Keep working to elect Antonio Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…


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