More than 175 former intelligence and national security officials serving under numerous administrations signed onto a letter expressing profound concern about the president’s retaliatory politicization of national security clearances.

Trump’s desire to retaliate against critics, to silence them and harm their ability to advise their former colleagues, and to harm their ability to serve on boards and earn money, is a naked abuse of power and a grotesque perversion of his office.  In itself, this would be a scandal that could bring down any other presidency.  But it’s just another in a long list of scandals that Trump and his corrupt regime are accumulating.

Yet again, Rep John Faso has said nothing.  He tweeted yesterday about being a judge at the Celebrate Stephentown Festival Bake-Off and Sale.  So Faso judges pastry while Trump tries to burn Washington down.

In Oregon, Democrat Jamie McLeod-Skinner is running for Congress against Republican Rep Greg Walden who, like Faso, promised his district he would protect pre-existing conditions in any healthcare action Congress took.  A week later he helped vote legislation out of committee that would remove pre-existing condition protections, and this betrayal of his district was a major motivation for McLeod-Skinner to run for his seat.  She recently produced a great ad explaining her process:

This is the kind of attack that Antonio Delgado needs to make against Faso.  Faso was the key vote that moved TrumpCare out of committee to a floor vote.  Faso eventually voted against TrumpCare because his party had enough votes without him, and they knew he was a vulnerable swing-district incumbent.  But his promises were squarely at odds with his statements and his committee vote, not to mention the overall direction of his party.  For example, Faso is on record supporting “garbage plans”, cheap insurance plans that cost little but also cover little. It’s generally accepted that these plans will increase the costs of better insurance plans, and will ultimately put pre-existing condition protections in jeopardy.  And of course, if he was truly concerned about protecting pre-existing conditions he would never have voted TrumpCare out of committee.

We have to hold Faso accountable.  He’s a snake who pushes the bogus lie that he’s a moderate and a centrist, though his actions and his rhetoric demonstrate the opposite.  Faso is a partisan hack who enables the GOP and Trump, with billionaires like the Mercers and Kochs calling the shots.

Let’s keep working to elect Antonio Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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