Yesterday was another strong day for the resistance in NY-19 as a large crowd gathered for another active and energetic Faso Friday protest.  Yesterday was also the start of a media blitz funded by Paul Ryan’s PAC to try to smear Antonio Delgado, continuing the dog-whistle theme of portraying Delgado as a scary rapper by using ancient footage of him singing as a teen.  Twitter was abuzz with pushback as various activists posted and tweeted their mockery and condemnation of the ridiculous ads.

Meanwhile Faso himself was tweeting an invitation to supporters to a phone bank and was met with a tsunami of criticism from local resistors and NOT ONE tweet of support (as of the time of this writing).  His lack of support on social media is as noticeable as it is pathetic.

Faso’s lack of concern or condemnation of Trump also stands out.  It’s become clear that Trump is going to revoke security clearances as a way of punishing his critics, which is a profoundly corrupt and disqualifying activity.  But the GOP has remained silent and complicit including Feckless Faso.

As frantic Trump becomes increasingly cornered by various investigations his actions become increasingly authoritarian and tyrannical.  This November will be our first and best chance to put the brakes on Trump’s vile and destructive regime, starting with Firing Feckless Faso and electing Antonio Delgado.  We need Delgado, a man of principle and conviction, to do what Faso won’t—stand up for regular citizens, oppose Trump’s corruption, and be accessible to the voters.

One thought on “Day 575 – Delgado Will Do What Faso Won’t

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