RED ALERT.  Paul Ryan’s Political Action Committee, the Congressional Leadership Fund, will reportedly be funding and producing a negative media blitz TODAY against Antonio Delgado in the Capital Region. We need to stay vigilant and be ready to respond on social media and anywhere else to remind voters of all the positives Antonio will bring to Congress. Antonio will fight for working families in NY-19, and he will hold a corrupt and dishonest President to account—both things that Faso has failed to do.

Please be vigilant today and wherever possible respond to any attacks on Antonio Delgado, whether on radio, print, TV or social media.  For example, if you hear something on the radio, try to call in, or post about it on Facebook and Twitter.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…

One thought on “Day 574 – Resist Ryan

  1. The ad will be on broadcast in Albany media market and on cable in the New York City market. It will be at high frequencies, people will be seeing it a lot. Republican super PACs have now, in total, reserved $2.6M in TV ad time between now and election day.


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