Why does Rep John Faso hate our law enforcement and intelligence agencies? That’s the kind of question Conservatives used to ask whenever Liberals were critical of any part of our government.  But in this case, our President is using his office to delegitimize, punish and silence his critics (not to mention those involved in the Mueller probe) like former CIA chief John Brennan, whose security clearance was just revoked.


It’s not unreasonable to conclude that Faso hates law enforcement and the intelligence community because he has said nothing about Trump’s constant disparagement and attacks, and said nothing about the obvious lies Trump pushes every day about the institutions that are working to hold him accountable.  It’s John Faso’s job to be one of the elected officials holding Trump accountable and yet Faso has consistently put party over country and stayed silent.

Is this sense, Faso has betrayed his own district as well as the thousands of people who work in our intelligence and law enforcement agencies.  It’s a disgrace, and a compelling reason to get or stay involved and work toward electing Antonio Delgado and Firing Feckless Faso…

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