Traveling overseas in Europe this week I’m struck by the uniformity of coverage of Trump in the mainstream English-speaking media.  Between CNN Int’l, BBC, Sky and others, the coverage has been characterized by outrage and denunciation.  They’ve been beating the crap out of him, especially in the wake of his comments about Omerosa (low life, dog) and his refusal to mention or credit Sen John McCain when announcing passage of a bill named after the senator.  Maybe the coverage is the same in the states, but in Europe there is no holding back, no bringing in a conservative to give a ridiculous defense of the indefensible.

It’s also striking, and simultaneously depressing, to visit so many countries (five in seven days) that have great infrastructure, fantastic cell/internet/broadband coverage, extremely low crime, better produce, and batter healthcare. It’s so important that we continue to fight for a better and fairer and more just America.

Meanwhile John Faso fights for the billionaires while destroying our hard-won safety net and supporting a corrupt and vile president.  Let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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