Trump continues to rage against the Mueller probe on Twitter, constantly referencing Fox News segments as the source of his facts and outrage e.  He wants desperately to paint the FBI and DOJ as villains out to get him, and one of his favorite Fox propagandists, Judge Janine Pirro, recently went so far as to ask whether Mueller was a greater threat to America than Putin.  That’s the level of toxic crazy Fox has sunk to in their support of Trump.

Rage is the essence of Trump, and nobody has done a better job of clarifying and simplifying the Trump phenomenon than Jim Wright, aka Stonekettle on social media.  I strongly encourage you to read his blog post about the essence of Trumpism.  Here is an info and signup link:

Trump and Fox whip up anger around  false fears of Mexican rapists and MS-13 gangs, while the anger WE feel is tied to the real destruction of hard-fought gains, the reversal of progress, the debasement of the office of the president, and the flood of corruption by the Trump team.  It’s entirely appropriate that we use this legitimate anger to our advantage in November.

Trump is visiting UTICA his evening and a large protest is being planned by Mohawk Valley Indivisible at 4pm so join them if you can and let Trump know that his poisonous rhetoric and lies aren’t welcome in NY-19.  Info here:

Let’s keep working to elect Delgado, Fire Feckess Faso, and resist Trumpism…

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