So many Republican politicians have debased themselves under the Trump regime, but few have gone quite as low as Devin Nunes.  He was recently recorded during a private conversation telling Republican donors that the GOP needed to win the midterms so they could protect Trump from the Mueller investigation.  Why would Nunes sell his country down the river to support a corrupt, dishonest, and potentially criminal president?  It’s possible that Nunes himself has some exposure to the Mueller probe, or it’s possible that he’s simply willing to do anything to get tax breaks for billionaires, or both.

Either way, Nunes is a disgrace to his county and deserves to be sent home this November   If you give any money to any politician outside our district or state, you might consider giving to Nunes’ opponent, Andrew Janz, who is running a strong race and could possibly pull an upset.  Our nation will be safer and more secure when Nunes is no longer on the Intelligence Committee acting like a partisan hack.

What are the chances of removing Nunes and other Republican incumbents?  Michelle Goldberg wrote an excellent editorial in the NY Times about the Democratic chances this Fall:

We have to stay organized and united as we approach the midterms.  The only way we will begin to beat back the historic corruption of the Trump regime is by voting out his supporters in Congress, and that starts with electing Delgado and Firing Feckless Faso…


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