Yesterday the stunning news broke that New York Congressman Chris Collins and his son are being charged with insider trading by the FBI.   Collins has been one of Trump’s earliest and most vocal supporters in the House.  Collins apparently tipped off his son about bad news on an upcoming drug trial and sold stock to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.

The charges were just the latest corruption scandal to hit the Trumpublican party this week, following allegations that Secretary Wilbur Ross essentially stole money from money management clients.

The charges also hit close to home in that Collins and Faso partnered to draft an amendment to TrumpCare that greatly reduced the ability of NY residents to deduct state and local taxes from their Federal Income Tax returns.  The Faso-Collins amendment was widely criticized by residents of NY-19 who were economically hurt by the legislation.  Antonio Delgado has now demanded that Faso return campaign contributions received from Collins.

Faso has yet to address, much less condemn, any of the corruption flowing from Trump and the Republican Party   Let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

**An explosive rumor circulating on Twitter is even more damning for the President.  It suggests that the President and his family were paid $3+ billion by the Saudis to remove the USA from the Iran nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions.  If true, this would certainly be the biggest presidential scandal of the century, so be aware that this story is beginning to circulate.  Trump has constantly overstated his net worth and has always desperately wanted to be in the biggest league of wealth, so this rumor is consistent with the notion that Trump is using the Presidency to enrich himself and family.

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