1)  John Faso continued his recent love affair with Twitter yesterday–where suddenly he has been posting two or three times a day–and tweeted this:

The reactions and comments were priceless, with the vast majority slamming Faso for his feckless response to Trump and asking if Faso wanted to go to war with Iran.  Faso can’t post anything on social media without getting a storm of opposition, and the lack of support or push-back from Republicans is increasingly telling.  Faso’s not a candidate who currently inspires passionate support.

Though Trump basically admitted that his son and his campaign colluded with Russia, Faso has been silent on the whole sordid Russia scandal. He doesn’t have the spine to go against Trump, no matter how treacherous and corrupt his administration appears to be.

2)  As a continuation of a recent blog post here about the looming and increasing threat of climate change, it’s worth pointing out an incredibly in-depth article in the New York Times Magazine by Nathaniel Rich about how we got into this mess and the villainous role Exxon and big Oil played in destroying our chances to mitigate fossil fuel use decades ago.  Their bottomless greed at the expense of our future is something we should never forgive or forget:


I’ll be on vacation for next two weeks so the blog will be light-fare at best, and there might be a day skipped here or there.  Time to re-charge my batteries in anticipation of the Midterm fight ahead.  Keep resisting…

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