Three items to bring to your attention this Saturday:

First, yesterday was a BAD day for former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort.  His accountant testified that Manafort had falsified documents in order to get bank loans, and had lied about having foreign bank accounts.

Legal experts seemed to come to a unanimous conclusion last night on various news broadcasts–that the Feds have a very strong case, and that Manafort is screwed.

Second, as a follow-up to yesterday’s blog about the war our press needs to wage on Fox “news” and AM hate-radio, an interesting article was published by John Cassidy in the New Yorker.  Regarding Trump’s criticism of the press, Cassidy makes this suggestion:

What can be done about all this? The first thing is to recognize it for what it is: a reckless descent into the demagoguery, misinformation, and incitement that are normally associated with authoritarian regimes.

Full article here:

Third, it’s important to understand what is happening to our healthcare behind the scenes while the Trump circus is tweeting and lying and slandering and mismanaging.  The Trump administration is not enforcing the law as written in the ACA, and is instead allowing insurers to offer alternate plans, best described as garbage plans, that are cheaper and cover less, and will ultimately force the cost of ACA plans higher.  Jonathan Chait has an excellent deep dive in New York Magazine on the subject, and comes to this depressing yet clear conclusion:

What is striking about the Trump-era Republican health agenda is the lack of policy ambition. Having spent years insisting they had an army of wonks who could design a better alternative to the Obamacare “train wreck,” the Republican plan of attack has dissolved into a rearguard sabotage campaign with no pretense of doing anything to help the poor and sick afford medical care.

Full article here:

Healthcare is especially critical to many residents in NY-19, and this article gives us a ton of ammunition against Rep John Faso, who has touted garbage plans despite their horrible consequences.  We have to fight on policy grounds and continue to expose how horrible and damaging Republican policies have been to our health.  They have no grand goal of better healthcare.  Instead, they just want to dismantle the ACA and give their billionaire overlords bigger tax cuts, no matter how much suffering and death it causes.  It’s an indefensible outrage, especially in the twenty-first century when every other advanced nation has solved this problem.

Let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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