Rep John Faso tweeted at Antonio Delgado from his personal Twitter account yesterday:

Faso was bashing Delgado by referring to a study done by Charles Blahous at a right wing “libertarian” think tank named the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.  His analysis of the Medicare for All plan pushed by Sanders and other Democrats (one of many similar universal health-care proposals) determined that the plan would cost around $32.6 trillion in the first ten years of implementation.  In typical alarmist fashion, Faso’s incomplete tweet implied that this cost was untenable and would require massive tax hikes.  Oh my God, fiscal disaster, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!

But the study’s finding is actually great news because if we change nothing and continue to pay for health care under the current system, it would cost our nation around $34.65 trillion.  So Medicare for All would save us $2.05 trillion over ten years, an extraordinary fact that Faso and the Republicans conveniently omit.

An excellent review of the Blahous study and its implications was done by Jordan Weissmann in Slate two days ago:

Faso also presented a deceptive half-truth about how to pay for the plan.  Yes, it would require large tax hikes.  But they would be offset by insurance premiums and deductibles that we would never have to pay again.  Your taxes might go up by xxxx thousand a year, but your insurance premiums, either direct to an insurer or deducted through your payroll, would go to zero, probably roughly xxxx thousand per year in savings.  Of course, this scenario would require businesses who currently pay part of your premium to instead give that money to you in the form of compensation, but that should be mandated if our leaders have any backbone.

So Faso’s attempt at fear-mongering is really a deception.  Dig into the numbers and you find that the scary conclusions Faso wants people to draw are wrong, and the facts point in the opposite direction.  Our nation could afford some form or universal healthcare if our feckless leaders didn’t prostitute themselves to insurance companies, big pharma, and greedy billionaires who despise paying taxes.

We can’t let Faso and the GOP pollute social media and the airwaves with alarmist deceptions meant to frighten voters. We must remain vigilant and beat back their bogus attacks while advocating a significantly improved health care system that would benefit the vast majority of our fellow citizens.  Let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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