Yesterday was a busy day for Democrats in the district.  Antonio Delgado spent time at the Woodstock Library festival, and then went to the Catskill Forest Festival.  He ended his Saturday at the Delaware County Democratic Committee meeting in Hamden, and he also announced an endorsement from 1199 SEIU.  There was also a big Voter canvass in Rensselaer County yesterday co sponsored by NY 19 Votes and Rensselaer County Young Democrats that attracted a ton of volunteers to knock doors for Delgado and Aaron Gladd for SD 43.

On the other side of the aisle, Rep John Faso attended the tiny Pleasant Valley parade, and also held a volunteer meeting that he posted online, with a picture.  It looked like the most joyless and anemic gathering imaginable, and it was captioned with this: “It’s clear #NY19 wants to continue to have an independent voice who delivers real results for Upstate NY families.”

First of all, Rep John Faso is hardly an independent voice.  He’s proven himself a right wing Republican, from his appearance at an Oathkeepers meeting to his constant fealty to the Trump regime.  He’s obviously going to try to paint himself as a maverick outside the corrupt and unpopular Trumpublican crowd, but it’s a deception we need to point out at every opportunity.  Don’t let our family, friends and neighbors be fooled.

Likewise, most of the things Faso has delivered to our district are negative.  He’s worked to make SNAP more difficult for thousands of NY-19 residents.  He’s enthusiastically endorsed the elimination of SALT deductions on NY State residents, many of whom will be hurt by this financially.  He’s also supported concealed carry reciprocity, which allows anybody from states with lax gun laws to carry their firearms here in NYS without restriction, which makes all of us less safe.  Faso has also worked to dismantle the ACA and replace it with garbage plans that cover very little and make ACA plans more expensive.  Faso has also failed to draft, much less endorse, any legislation that aims to keep Russia from attacking our elections and striking at the heart of our Democracy.  And of course, Faso has said nothing about the historic lies and corruption of the Trump White House.

If he’s delivered anything, it’s disappointment.

Let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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