NBC news reported yesterday that nobody is driving the bus when it comes to our cyber security and defending against Russian cyber war at the Federal level.  Trump gave a hasty news conference pretending that he cares, but the consensus afterwards was that his assurances were poorly articulated and lacked substance.  In effect, he said there was nothing his administration could do about it.


Rep John Faso remains silent on news that Russia has been trying to hack Senator Claire McCaskill’s campaign, as well as other undisclosed midterm candidates.  Faso’s sworn duty as a member of Congress is to defend our nation for enemies foreign and domestic, but despite an ongoing act of cyber war from Russia, which all of our intelligence agencies unanimously agree upon, Faso has done almost nothing and said even less about this critical threat to the foundation of our Democracy.  It’s an indefensible betrayal of his duty and his district.

On top of Russian hacking, we also learned recently from the Brennan center that states purged 16 million voters from the rolls prior to the 2016 election, and purges continue across the nation unabated. If citizens did not vote in the last election they might have their registration purged for inaction, which Republicans have passed laws to enable.


If you haven’t checked your voter registration lately, please do.  You can find a NYS link to do an easy checkup here:


Urge your friends and family to check their status, especially those who live in other states.  We need all hands on deck if we hope to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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