BIG news broke last night in the Trump-Russia investigation.  Several news agencies reported that former Trump fixer Michael Cohen was in the room when Donald Trump was informed of the impending, now-infamous, meeting between Donald Jr. and agents of the Russian government.  Moreover, Cohen is willing to testify to Mueller that he witnessed this, along with several other people who are all potential witnesses now.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he didn’t know about the meeting beforehand, and Donald Jr. emphatically told Congress that his father had no knowledge of the meeting beforehand.  So it looks like Trump has yet again been caught in a lie, and in this case an explosive lie with major implications.  If true, it also means that Donald Jr. lied to Congress, which is a crime.

In addition, Trump’s accountant and money man Allen Weisselberg was subpoenaed to appear before a Mueller grand jury.  Weisselberg was hired in the ’70s by Trump’s father and is the longest-standing employee of the Trump organization outside of family members. If Trump has been involved in financial crimes, money laundering, etc., his accountant will surely know the intimate details.

With each passing day, the walls continue to close in on Trump and his family.  It’s easy to imagine that Trump spent his night terrified from yesterday’s revelations, and it’s also easy to foresee him increasing his paranoid rhetoric, lashing out on Twitter, and doing whatever it takes to distract us from his lies and scandals.

Meanwhile, the Rosenstein impeachment attempt by eleven Republicans in the House appears to be dead on arrival.  Speaker Ryan stated publicly that he does not support it, so it seems that the impeachment will be stuck in limbo for the foreseeable future.

We also learned yesterday that Russia is actively “meddling” in our midterm elections, specifically by directing phishing attacks against vulnerable Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.  Not only did Russia attack our elections in 2016, but they never stopped, and are trying to subvert our Democracy this very minute.

Of course, Rep John Faso has said nothing about the Trump scandals, nor has he responded to Russian hacking with anything resembling appropriate outrage or concern.  This fact alone seems a betrayal of his oath of office, to defend our nation from all enemies.  Even though the weeks and months ahead will likely be turbulent and full of controversy, don’t let Trump fatigue take you out of the game.  Let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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