Yesterday on the local front:

Rep John Faso held his hastily announced “interactive live event” last night, which you could call into by phone to have a chance of asking a question, or you could watch streaming live on Facebook (without interaction).  From the beginning it was clear that Faso’s phone screeners would only allow soft-ball questions, and this event was really an opportunity for Faso to pontificate on safe issues, spread a few lies and distortions, and try to look good.  For example, he said the economy was doing so well that it would start to reduce the deficit, citing a robust 3% growth rate.  Problem is, the growth rate of the economy in the first quarter of 2018 was only 2%, and reports have consistently shown that the deficit is on its own steady trajectory of growth, expected to balloon to over a trillion dollars soon.  Faso’s event was mostly useless, really a marketing platform for his campaign rather than a forum where anything substantive would be discussed, much less debated.  He rarely takes a stand on controversial issues because he doesn’t want to go against his base, but he also doesn’t want other voters to know how extreme and outside the mainstream his policy goals are.

Yesterday on the national front:

Eleven ultra-conservative House Republicans submitted articles of impeachment against Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Mueller investigation.  The Reps are pissed that the AAG would not break with Justice Department Protocol and release to them sensitive evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation. The way the articles were submitted means that they won’t automatically go to the floor of the House for a vote, and it’s unclear whether they would have anything close to the votes necessary to approve impeachment anyway.  Certain GOP Reps like Trey Gowdy are already on the record criticizing the move, so it may turn out to be a stunt meant to sow further doubt among conservative voters and muddy the waters as the Mueller probe grinds slowly towards further disclosures that will certainly hurt the Trump presidency.  If impeachment of the AAG ever gets to the floor for a vote, we will need to scream loud and clear at Rep Faso that this move is an obstruction of justice and an attack on the legal system to protect a corrupt president and a legitimate investigation.  Keep in mind that the Carter Page FISA memo was released (with many redactions) last weekend and seemed to show that the earlier GOP report describing the Page memo, written by Rep Devin Nunes, was full of lies and deceptions.  The revelation that the Nunes memo was so dishonest became a PR nightmare for Nunes and the GOP.

As national events break, like the impeachment move on Rosenstein, we have to shame John Faso on social media into taking a stand.  He usually won’t, because he’s a coward and has no core other than his desire to help his billionaire overlords get richer.  So the more we expose his unwillingness to call out corruption in the Trump administration, or his unwillingness to stand up for our election system in the face of cyber attacks from Russia, or his fear of criticizing Trump for capitulating to Putin and betraying our intelligence community,  the more we will draw a distinction between his lack of leadership and Antonio Delgado’s energetic response to the issues that our district residents care about.  We need to push Faso to reject the impeachment of Rosenstein, not just promise to study the issue or investigate or whatever BS dodge he usually gives when pressed.

Let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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