Around noon yesterday Rep John Faso announced on Twitter that he would hold one of his typical “live event meetings” at 3:30pm.  Twitter swiftly piled on, slamming him for giving such short notice and for being such a coward.  The call apparently had so few people that little discussion of its content appeared on social media afterwards.  Which probably suits Faso just fine.

HOWEVER, he also announced that he would hold another “live event meeting” TONIGHT at 6:30pm.  He’s probably praying that nobody but his relatives call in, so if you have time to hit him with a difficult question and lower his morale, you’ll get another chance.  Here is a link to sign up to call him, or you can just view a live feed:

A few pertinent questions for Faso might include:

  • You don’t support government involvement in the ACA – do you also not support government welfare payments to soybean farmers to soften the blow of Trump’s disastrous trade war?
  • Do you believe that insurers should be allowed to decide whether people with pre-existing conditions should be denied coverage or prohibitively charged for coverage?
  • Our Intelligence Community has stated clearly and in unison that Russia waged cyber war on our 2016 election, and is continuing to interfere.  You said you don’t agree with Trump’s approach in Helsinki.  By Trump’s approach, did you mean his lying, his betrayal of our Intelligence Community, and his capitulation to a hostile tyrant, or did you mean something else?
  • Russian hacking of our elections is surely and act of war, yet you and the House have done little to understand what they did or stop them in the future.  You haven’t even tried to compel Trump to enforce your modest sanctions.  Doesn’t your inaction violate your oath of office to defend the United States from enemies?
  • Scott Pruitt was so corrupt that he was basically forced from the EPA by public shaming.  Yet you said nothing about his abuse of office.  Why do you tolerate corruption?
  • Do you believe that a fetus and an adult woman should have the exact same rights and agency status under the law?
  • It seems clear that Trump is in daily violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.  Why are you afraid or unwilling to provide the oversight that is a big part of your job description?

Faso must be getting pretty desperate.  Yesterday the “Sabato’s Crystal Ball” House ratings moved several more races from Leans Republican to Toss Up, and they increased their likelihood of the Democrats taking the House to better than 50-50.  They still have NY-19 as a Toss Up.

On The Crosstab, a data and politics site, G. Elliot Morris increased his likelihood of the Dems winning a House Majority to 76% and Delgado was given a 68% chance of winning NY-19.

Meanwhile, Trump’s approval rating hit a new low after his calamitous performance in Helsinki, and his outrageous failure will certainly continue to impact discourse and the midterm races.

To be clear, we can’t let predictions or optimism get in the way of the hard work we need to do if we’re going to make sure that the Mercers and Kochs and NRA spend a lot of their money in our district for nothing.  Let’s keep working to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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