It’s clear that Trump is a dangerously inept, volatile, insecure liar whose presidency we reject as we work to end his tenure as soon as possible.  There as so many things he has said and done that we oppose and denounce.  The same goes for Rep Faso and his feckless support of Trump and greedy billionaires.

But while we are against so much of their agenda, let’s take a look at Antonio Delgado’s stand on the issues, based in his campaign web page, and see what he is FOR.

Here is a boiled-down summary, my words, not his:

Healthcare: Get to comprehensive universal coverage as soon as possible, protecting pre-existing conditions, best done through Medicare for all.  Eliminate regs that protect Big Pharma at our expense, and remove the profit motive from healthcare.

Education: Move more citizens into the middle class by investing in education. Expand Pell grants and increase student loan relief and forgiveness.  Reinvest in trade school and apprenticeship programs.

Environment: Support policies and regs that protect our land and waterways for recreational use, especially the Hudson River.  Fight to ensure clean drinking water for our communities. Promote clean energy and fast-growing clean energy jobs.

Infrastructure: Work to obtain federal funding to finance the immediate critical needs of our region, including roads, waterfront development, high speed Metro North rail, and increase widespread broadband access.

Jobs: Push banks to lend more to small businesses. Fight for policies that reward investment and job creation over outsourcing.  Oppose trade agreements that hurt our district. Support entrepreneurs, workers and labor unions.  Work to increase the minimum wage.

Women’s Rights: Support a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, including supporting Roe v Wade, and work to ensure equal pay for equal work.

Tax Policy: Tax code should advantage working families and middle class families. Simplify tax code and get rid of loopholes that only benefit the rich. Stop giant companies from shielding profits overseas.

Immigration: Fight for immigration policies that reflect the character and decency of the people of upstate New York.

Criminal Justice Reform: Treat rather than criminalize drug addiction, with increased funding for alternatives to incarceration, including treatment, drug courts and mental health courts.

Democratic Integrity: Push for reform to address Citizens United, gerrymandering and voters’ rights.  Eliminate corruption and cronyism in DC.

Russia and Elections:  Prioritize uncovering the truth over protecting the president.  Support the Mueller investigation, and ensure Congress prevents future hacking.

Gun Safety: Refuse money from the NRA. Support common-sense reforms like universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, banning bump stocks, and keeping guns away from domestic abusers.

Most of these policy positions enjoy widespread public support.  And some of them are things that Faso deceptively says he wants, even though his votes take us in the opposite direction.

The things Delgado affirms are critical to highlight, not just the things we find morally reprehensible and disgusting about Trump and Faso.  It’s vitally important that we do everything we can to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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