The coming week will put a lot of pressure on Trump and the White House.  The trial of Paul Manafort is scheduled to begin Wednesday, and it’s sure to provide surprises and disclosures many of which could be damaging to Trump.  The trial comes amid the backdrop of Trump’s outrageous Helsinki capitulation speech with Putin that’s still creating headlines.  Just this weekend, in a Tweet, Trump again seemed to reverse his latest position and call Russian hacking a “hoax”, choosing the assurances of a bloody tyrant over the collective and unanimous voice of our intelligence and law enforcement community.

The Manafort trial will also be competing with the new saga of the Russian spy, Maria Butina, who infiltrated the NRA and perhaps the GOP.  The Manafort trial will also be competing with the tape that came to light over the weekend made by ex trump adviser Michael Cohen of a discussion he had with Trump about possibly paying off a former Playboy playmate who had an affair with Trump during the time Melania was pregnant with son Barron.  It has further been rumored that this was not the only such tape seized by the Feds from Cohen.

It’s also been rumored that Julian Assange could be expelled from the Ecuadorian embassy in London this week, where he would surely be quickly arrested.  It’s become clear that Assange and WikiLeaks were likely working with the Putin government to help disrupt our election, and any further disclosures about Assange or just further notoriety will increase the pressure and anxiety Trump feels.

It’s hard to keep track of all the scandals surrounding Trump and his toadies, but don’t be surprised if Trump begins to lash out more wildly this week to distract us from the most damaging developments, likely from the Manafort trial.  He unleashed a Tweet storm yesterday, so perhaps that means big disclosures are coming out this week and he’s terrified of what they could be.

Faso hasn’t said a word about Manafort or Trump’s constant lies or disgraced former EPA head Scott Pruitt or Trump’s total failure to protect us from Russian cyber warfare.  Faso isn’t a leader, he’s a water boy sent to Congress by the Koch-Mercer-NRA overlord class who pay him to ensure a hellscape world with tons of carbon pollution, where a machine gun is slung over every shoulder, and the rich pay no taxes.  And Faso is committed to delivering.  So we need to get busy, or stay busy, working to elect Antonio Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…


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