Today’s blog post is a friendly reminder that tomorrow (Monday) will mark the five-year anniversary of the ban from lobbying public pension funds that John Faso’s old law firm agreed to.  The sanction will be lifted tomorrow, and the nice people at the Daily News were kind enough to notify us.  Here is the piece, by Ken Lovett:

Faso and his firm were caught up in a pay-to-play scandal where they acted as unlicensed financial brokers.  Faso was not personally sanctioned, but various reports place him at the center of the scandal and claim he was the unnamed person described as participating in improper meetings.

Which of these descriptors do you like best?  Feel free to add your own in the comment section…

  • John Faso, scandal-sanctioned lobbyist
  • John Faso, pay-to-play settlement lobbyist
  • John Faso, pay-to-play scandal lobbyist
  • John Faso, ethically challenged lobbyist

Rep Faso started the post-primary campaign season on the low road by attacking the rap music Antonio Delgado made as a youth, so it’s easy to imagine Faso will stay low, especially with all the dark money he’s raking in from PACs and greedy billionaires from outside our district.  The Republican establishment spent the past eighteen months proving they have no values, no principles, no respect for the rule of law, no loyalty to our nation, and no desire to protect us from Russian hacking.  So it’s safe to assume that Faso will have no shame about his campaign.

Let’s keep his history of pay-to-play corruption in the forefront of our message, as well as his tacit support of pay-to-play corruption in Washington.  After all, he said nothing about Scott Pruitt’s disastrous tenure at the EPA, nor has he criticized the fact that Trump divested none of his businesses, nor has he voiced any concern over the Emoluments violations that Trump gets away with every day.  So Faso’s lobbying scandal is fairer than fair game, and an important tool in our Indivisible toolkit.

Let’s keep working to elect Antonio Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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