Yesterday was busy in the district.  The usual Faso Friday protests took place at Faso’s three district offices, with the urgent theme of Russia attacking our election.  Hudson Valley Strong also hosted a protest in Rhinebeck last night to “confront corruption” and fight back against possible treason.

It’s clear that Trump has a deeply troubling attitude toward Putin and Russia, and nobody knows why.  Is he an asset?  Is he compromised?  Is he being blackmailed?  Some of his Republican colleagues have expressed public outrage at this fealty to Putin and his bizarre news conference with Putin where Trump seemingly capitulated to Putin while betraying our intelligence community.

To better understand what is going on, this recent article in the New Yorker by Adam Davidson offers a solid and thoughtful perspective on how Russia compromises high-profile business leaders and influential foreign visitors…

The theory goes something like this.  Trump may not know exactly what Putin and Russia have on him, but he knows he’s done a lot of bad things, and he’s confident that they’ve got something on him.

Rep John Faso has been worthless when it comes to Trump’s coddling of Russia.  He has shown no leadership, raised no meaningful concern.  Let’s keep working to elect Antonio Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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