Concerned by Trump’s potential willingness to honor a request by Putin to hand U.S. officials over for interrogation by Russia, the Senate voted 98-0 yesterday to approve a resolution to keep such interrogations from happening.  Trump then announced that he had decided not to honor Putin’s request, as if the Senate vote had no influence on him.  But without the Senate vote it’s quite likely that Trump would have moved forward and forced our own citizens to sit down with the Russians.  That this was even a possibility is an extraordinary disgrace, and a betrayal of Trump’s oath of office.

Later in the day, we learned that Trump invited Vladimir Putin to visit the White House this fall despite the national spasm of outrage at Trump’s spineless submission to Putin in Helsinki and increased concerns that Trump is compromised.  The invitation wasn’t even discussed with Trump’s national security team beforehand, as Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats was surprised during a public appearance by the news.  It has even been rumored that Trump secretly agreed with Putin in Helsinki to recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and doesn’t want the public to know about it, which if true would be an unprecedented betrayal of American values and norms.

We also learned that former Trump official Mike Flynn, who plead guilty to lying to the FBI, was not acting for a foreign government in secret while in the White House.  Others in the administration, including KT McFarland, knew about his activities and apparently lied about it to Congress, which is yet another layer of Russia deception and incompetence tied to the White House.

The Trump regime is lousy with Russians, and we will never know why unless Rosenstein is allowed to oversee the Mueller investigation to its conclusion.  Of course, it’s not crazy to wonder if there will be a democracy left by the time Mueller is ready.

Meanwhile, Rep John Faso was tweeting his support for prohibiting cashew milk and other non-dairy milks from using the word “milk” in their description.  Trump is selling out our nation to Russia while Faso is putting more restrictions on milk labeling.  Almost all responses to Faso on Twitter were negative, and here are a few of them:

Ben Fundis@bfund
Can you remove “Representative” from all of your branding and printed materials. It’s confusing and not delivering results to #NY19. @DelgadoforNY19
kelli rae@kelliraeg
You are a moron. People are still going to use milk alternatives for health and dietary reasons. And cow milk is not good for you. That’s been common knowledge for years. But you are stuck in the 50s. How about you talk about some real issues?
Now…Where was I?‏@BlueFuckingWave
Could you be more irrelevant? You can only win this year with Russian help. Pathetic weak racist Fashole.
Faso’s lack of concern about Trump proves he is unfit for office.  He puts his party and his office before the country, and deserves to be sent back to his lobbying job.  Let’s keep working hard to elect Delgado and Fire Feckless Faso…

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