Unless you’ve been living in a total news blackout for the past 24 hours, you already know about Trump’s monumentally disgraceful press conference yesterday in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin where Trump utterly failed to hold Putin accountable for hacking our election, and instead took Putin’s word over the unanimous assessment of our nation’s intelligence community that Russia hacked our election (and continues to wage cyber war upon us).

Trump’s comments unleashed a firestorm of bitter criticism on cable news and social media, including several horrified Republican politicians and operatives who were previously mute on Trump’s transgressions.  Media coverage throughout the day included shocked reporters and analysts using language rarely heard until now, including the words “treason”, “disgraceful”, and “impeachment”.  It’s easy to wonder if the worst case scenario where Putin really does have Kompromat on Trump is actually true, and our president isn’t just an imbecile but is actually doing Putin’s bidding.

Jonathan Chait revisits this in detail in New York Magazine:


For many of us, Trump’s capitulation to Putin was a disgusting and bitter betrayal.  And yet for any news junkie following the nauseating verbal diarrhea that flows from Trump’s mouth and Twitter feed every day, his comments were as consistent as they were shocking.  He’s said this same stuff at his lunatic campaign rallies–he’s just never said it at a press conference on a world stage standing next to one of our most despised adversaries.

It was a sad day for America.  But even the darkest cloud has a silver lining.  And Trump’s grotesque betrayal of our country in front of the world was a gift to the Democrats as we lurch toward the midterms. Trump has shown everyone, in the glare of the brightest spotlight, that he is incapable of protecting our nation from Russia, and that he will sell our entire intelligence community and justice system down the river to avoid going against Putin–and maybe he’d sell a whole lot more.  Trump left very little room for debate or backtracking, and the reeling Republicans in Congress are feeling the heat like never before.

Of course, the Republicans won’t ultimately do anything of consequence against Trump, but his presidency is now irreparably damaged, and he has handed us a giant gift.  Nothing helps get voters to the polls like outrage, and if there weren’t enough outraged Democrats (and Republicans) before Trump went to Helsinki, there are plenty more now.

Faso issued a pitiful statement yesterday that started with “I do not agree with the approach taken by President Trump…”, as if Trump’s Helsinki disgrace were a matter of style or technique, rather than a matter of treachery and betrayal.  Faso denounced Putin, but failed to level any meaningful criticism at Trump.  It was as though Faso were saying “Trump and I agree to disagree!”.  Which proves that Faso lacks the courage to stand up to a corrupt President who accepts the word of a murderous dictator over the collective assessment of our intelligence community.  And we should remind voters of this sad fact at every turn.  Faso is a toady, not a leader.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso by turning justifiable outrage into votes…

One thought on “Day 543 – A Historic Betrayal

  1. An excellent call to action. Let’s not forget, however, not only who we are against “by turning justifiable outrage into votes,” but who we are voting for, which is not an ellipsis, but Antonio Delgado. Thank you ITFIO, for all you do!

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