Reports circulated over the weekend that members of the Republican House Freedom Caucus (aka the Treason Caucus) were drafting impeachment articles against Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, possibly to file as early as today.  Certain House Republicans have been whispering about doing this for weeks.  Trying to remove Rosenstein through impeachment would be a direct attack on the Mueller probe, which Rosenstein oversees.

Despite the indictment by Rosenstein last Friday of 12 Russian military operatives for hacking the DNC and our 2016 election, Republicans would rather attack the investigators than the nation who attacked us.  They are so desperate to protect Trump that it begs the question whether the GOP itself has something to hide.  Trump certainly has something to hide, or else he would have welcomed the probe long ago and encouraged it to clear is name.  It’s not certain that the GOP would have the votes in the House to actually impeach and remove Rosenstein but the vote would, at a minimum, be a serious attack on law enforcement and another step toward their ultimate goal of discrediting, if not dissolving, the Mueller investigation.

As we approach the midterms, impeachment of Rosenstein would be a base-rallying gift to Democrats not unlike the Watergate scandal.  It would unleash a fury of national protest, and our response in NY-19 would need to be two-fold.  First, we would need to protest the impeachment and implore Rep Faso to vote against it.  Second, if Faso votes for it we would need hang his vote around his neck.  “Why does Faso hate law enforcement?” “Faso votes to obstruct justice.” “Faso puts party over country by attacking DOJ.” And so forth.

Trump meets with Putin today despite Putin’s war on our election system.  Trump repeatedly calls the Russia investigation a witch hunt, and the 12 recent indictments are simply part of that illegitimate probe.  So either Trump is lying about the findings, or our entire defense intelligence establishment is wrong.  In the end, it isn’t difficult to trust thousands of career intelligence professionals whose lives are dedicated to public service over a greedy, vain, lying, adulterous con-man.

Does Faso care about any of this?  Apparently not.  So let’s give his cowardly ambivalence the high profile it deserves.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…



One thought on “Day 542 – Reject The Treason Caucus

  1. I’ve been saying this since right after the election that not only are 45 and his family are involved, but his team, leaders of the RNC, & republican leaders in Congress. The Russians needed inside information on how to attack our election system.
    It’s also came out how McConnell would not allow back in Sept 2016 Obama and the DOJ to go public with the intelligent information that Russia was involved in our election, instead he threatened to go public with how Obama was trying to influence the election. McConnell and Ryan had to know what was happening, and they stepped in to stop it from going public.
    The republicans are panicking that it will become public how involved they are with Russia , and their their financial and political connections. They are trying to undo, and destroy the investigation any way possible


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