Indivisible The Fight Is On is today hosting its last big event before the midterms. The theme is Unity, and though the event is full, it presents a good opportunity to give thanks to the people who worked hard to get us to this point and to recommit ourselves to the task of replacing Rep John Faso with Antonio Delgado.

First of all, thank you to all of the Democratic contenders.  You sacrificed much for the opportunity to serve your fellow citizens, and we applaud your determination and the grace you displayed on the campaign trail.  You were able to draw out and excite a new group of voters, and we’ll need every one of them to win in November.  Thank you also for supporting the primary winner.  Ideally, service to country should be selfless, and you have upheld this virtue in the way you rallied around Antonio Delgado.

Second, thank you to all of the volunteers who gave countless hours and resources to support their candidates.  Even though you were in different camps, you all shared the same desire to get rid of John Faso and change the course of our nation.  We still need your efforts and ideas to make that vision a reality, so we implore you to stay involved and lend your energy to Delgado’s campaign.  This is not the time in American history for infighting or rejecting the primary result or re-litigating the last presidential election.  The stakes are too high.  We need to come together and support our nominee with the same relentless vigor we gave to the primaries.

Third, we need to send this same message to our voters. Many of them did not vote for Delgado in the primary, but it’s crucial that they show up and vote for him in the general election, as the Democratic primary contenders are urging them to do.  Casting a ballot for a candidate has to be more than an expression of personal principle.  In a two-party system, voting is a pragmatic choice between two competing inevitabilities.  Demanding perfection from Democratic candidates or holding them to purity tests is a recipe for losing, as the 2016 presidential election proved. Staying home and failing to vote always gives greater power to the candidate furthest away from your values.  In other words, when a liberal or Democrat in NY-19 fails to vote, it’s tantamount to voting for Faso.  Our voters need to hear this message loud and clear.

Fourth, thank you to all the volunteers who make up Indivisible and keep our actions and events going.  Your commitment is inspiring.  Political engagement is hard.  Getting involved can be inconvenient and time consuming.  It’s not always fun.  But it’s the only way to maximize our chances of electing candidates who reflect our values.  And along the way, you get to meet some amazing and dedicated people.

So lastly, if you’re not already involved in helping to fire Faso, find a way to connect with one of many local efforts, such as NY19Votes, or Swing Left, or the local Democrats.  It could be as simple as writing a few postcards every week to help get out the vote.  These organizations usually have room for every level of interest and availability so reach out to them.  Our nation and district need you now more than ever.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…


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