With primaries around the country mostly decided and midterms elections approaching, national attention will continue to sharpen on the toss-up races for the House and Senate that will determine the balance of power in Congress.  Our NY-19 district is one of those races, and yesterday the latest national publication weighed in on Rep John Faso and the apparent tenor of his re-election campaign.

An article in The Nation magazine by Joshua Holland blasts Faso for using dog-whistle politics to get re-elected:

…the centerpiece of his campaign has been claiming that MS-13 gangsters are coming to kill us all, and promising to address the contrived “issue” of low-level drug dealers being arrested with SNAP benefit cards in their pockets.

Holland goes on to conclude:

Faso’s gambit is risky. Last month, Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg wrote in The New York Times that Trump’s rhetoric is not only “making Democratic base voters even angrier than you might expect,” but his “red meat strategy” also “gets a decidedly less enthusiastic response with Catholic and nonreligious conservatives.” Greenberg noted that 71 percent of Tea Party supporters strongly approve of Trump, but that’s only true of 31 percent of moderate Republicans.

Holland had this to say about Delgado:

Delgado is a gifted, charismatic attorney, a graduate of Harvard Law and a Rhodes scholar. With the backing of the progressive grassroots organization Citizen Action, and early support from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Delgado should be a formidable opponent for Faso. Delgado is also African-American, and cut a hip-hop album with a cover that depicts him staring out from under a hoodie. It will be interesting to see what lines of attack Faso pursues against him in the coming months.

The entire article is linked here:


Racial animus is at the heart of Trumpism, whether blaming Muslims for all terrorism, or blaming Mexicans for unemployment, or blaming African Americans for violence.  Trump has constantly fanned the flames of racism in America, giving permission for people who harbor ugly and seldom-voiced biases to express them out in the open, without shame.  But these people are a minority of citizens, and the rest of us are sick of them and the cancer of racism they harbor.

If Faso wants to run on dog-whistle politics, it’s easy to imagine him losing.  NY-19 is a diverse district with a nearly even split of Democrat and Republican voters.  Political conversations around the district, whether on the right or left, rarely mention gang violence or white grievance.  Instead, they center on the availability and cost of health care (and the impact on hospitals, which are a large employer in NY-19), the loss of jobs in the region over the course of many decades, high property taxes, and the fragile future of the social safety net.

These are all issues Democrats have good solutions to.  And many of these are issues Faso has worked against, like the Affordable Care Act, SNAP and Medicare/Medicaid.

So please, John Faso, take a page from the Trump playbook and runs a divisive, radical-right campaign.  It will only make our jobs easier.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…

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