The NATO summit is about to convene in Belgium and Americans are holding their breath wondering what Trump might do to destroy our most important global alliance.  Trump has voiced his disdain for NATO often, calling it “obsolete”, but his rationale is vague at best, if not based entirely on misinformation and/or ignorance.  The Senate is so worried about the potential shenanigans Trump might perpetrate that it passed a motion of support for NATO yesterday by 97 to 2.

Meanwhile Trump is scheduled to meet one-on-one with Russian quasi-dictator Vladimir Putin later in his trip, a brutal autocrat Trump has repeatedly failed to criticize even though Russia attacked the 2016 election, and continues to attack our elections on social media–an effort that any reasonable person should characterize as an ongoing act of war.

Which brings us to the ultimate question.  Is Trump just a wanna-be authoritarian who likes how Putin rolls?  Or is there actually a deeper, more malignant motivation beneath his love for, and his campaign’s endless association with, Russia?

The following article by Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine was posted to our Facebook pages two days ago, but it deserves more exposure.  It’s dark and depressing, and gets specific about what many of us believe is at the heart of the Russia investigation. But it’s also an important deep dive into a worst-case scenario that would be the scandal of the century if true.  And every day that passes, the probability of it being true seems to increase.  As Chait summarizes it:

Trump barely puts much effort into predicting a clean bill of health anymore. He acts like a man with a great deal to hide: declining to testify, dangling pardons to keep witnesses from incriminating him, publicly chastising his attorney general for not quashing the whole investigation, and endorsing Russia’s preposterous claims that it had nothing to do with the election at all. (“Russia continues to say they had nothing to do with Meddling in our Election!” he tweeted last month, contradicting the conclusion of every U.S. intelligence agency.) Trump’s behavior toward Russia looks nothing like that of a leader of a country it attacked and exactly like that of an accessory after the fact.

We need to push John Faso to address Trump’s coddling of Russia and destabilization of our closest alliances.  Why isn’t Faso and every other Republican outraged?  Trump is flirting with a betrayal of the immeasurable blood and treasure we spent in World War Two to forge what ultimately became NATO–an alliance that mostly kept the peace in Western Europe ever since.

Who would this betrayal best serve now?  Putin and Russia.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…

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