Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court was Brett Kavanaugh, a long-standing judge on the DC circuit court (currently working for DC circuit chief justice Merrick Garland).  Kavanaugh is a predictably conservative extremist, and his regressive interpretation of the constitution and limited role of the courts is at odds with almost a century of jurisprudence, and will certainly diminish our liberties, but we expected that.


The main reason Trump made this choice seems to be that Kavanaugh is on the record stating that a sitting president should never be the subject of an investigation, much less an indictment, as it makes it hard to do the job.  So Kavanaugh is Trump’s best shot at avoiding the Mueller probe while in office.  But Kavanaugh, it turns out, was the author of the Ken Starr report on the investigation of President Bill Clinton, when Kavanaugh very clearly believed that a president could be the subject of an investigation.  His opinion has conveniently changed since then.

On the plus side, Kavanaugh has a long history of rulings and opinions from the bench, so Democrats will have a lot of ammunition when questioning him.  Expect Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris to ask some pointed questions in the Judiciary hearings, and certainly call Schumer and Gillibrand and urge them to do everything they can to get all of the Democrats lined up against Kavanaugh.

In the end, it may not matter, but what WILL matter, and what always matters, is whether or not we vote in every single election.  It’s how we got into this mess–not enough people went to the polls and voted in 2016.  But voting is the only way we will ever (slowly) get out of this mess.

Predictably, Rep John Faso immediately issued a statement supporting Kavanaugh as an “excellent choice” even though Faso couldn’t be bothered ever issuing a statement against the historic corruption happening at the EPA under Scott Pruitt, much less the divisive lies and petty insults hurled by Trump almost daily.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and take back the House.  If the SCOTUS won’t be a check and balance on Trump, the House of Representatives is our last chance.

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