All eyes will be on Washington today as Trump is set to announce his Supreme Court nominee.  It will be a demoralizing assault on fifty-plus years of judicial progress, expanding rights, and sensible protections.  It’s tempting to get depressed and hide under the covers for the next few years and hope that Trump and his message of cruelty somehow go away.  But they won’t leave on their own.  We have to stay focused and muster the strength and determination to show them the door.

The best article of the weekend came from David Leonhardt in the New York Times. His sober yet inspiring perspective on the struggle we are facing is worth your time:

Of the many observations he makes, this suggestion on the issues Democrats should run with in November might be the most relevant to the challenge NY-19 faces when it comes to Firing Feckless Faso:

The best issues are those on which Democrats hold a decisive advantage in public opinion. Health insurance is a good example. So are taxation, corporate power and the Trump administration’s corruption.

Trump and his white nationalist cult hope that we won’t have the strength or perseverance to keep up the fight and get out the vote this November.  But, as Leonhardt says:

Nothing in American politics matters more right now than the outcome of the midterms. It is the difference between emboldening Trump and starting to hold him accountable. It really may be “the fight of our lives”.

Americans without healthcare.  Children in cages.  Billionaires getting richer.  The environment getting dirtier.  The climate getting hotter.  The Supreme Court getting crueler.  These are all outrageous, but they should energize us.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…

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