Rep John Faso stayed in the local media spotlight yesterday when an article in the Daily Freeman quoted him extensively forecasting the November midterms.  The title of the article was:

Rep. Faso’s election forecast: No ‘blue wave,’ no ‘red tsunami’

In it Faso made the following claims:

Hudson Valley Congressman John Faso doesn’t believe a so-called “blue wave” of Democratic election victories this fall will materialize. But he also disagrees with President Donald Trump that there will be a “red tsunami” of Republican triumphs at the polls.

“There’s a number of signs in recent months that indicate the level of Democratic enthusiasm and anti-Trump feeling is still out there, [but] it has abated a bit, and Republican enthusiasm is coming up,” Faso said.

The full article is here:

His statement seems to be more of a self-serving wish than a reflection of fact.  Perhaps he believes, like so many Republicans, that if he repeats a false statement enough times it will somehow magically become true.  This also happens to be a propaganda technique at the core of the Trump presidency.

Here’s what we know.  The turnout in our own district for the 2018 Democratic primary was 80% higher than the primary in 2016.  If Faso doesn’t think that qualifies as a ‘blue wave’ then he’s going to be surprised when he gets washed out to sea.

If Faso Fridays are any indication, the Resistance is still going strong in NY-19.  The recent Trump-regime horror-show of family border separations only provided a giant new infusion of motivation to liberals that shows little sign of waning, and related protests in recent weeks have been energetic and well attended.

Meanwhile the Trump approval rating has calcified around the 41% level, and poll after national poll shows a solid majority of voters want to elect a representative in November who will provide a check and balance against Trump and his corruption.  So at least Faso’s prediction of no ‘red tsunami’ seems to be on target.

As solid as the polling may be, and as encouraging as recent primaries and special elections have been, we cannot and must not let up on our efforts to elect Antonio Delgado and send Faso back to the lobbying swamp.  Living under the Trump regime is emotionally exhausting and dispiriting.  Trump and his white nationalist toadies are hoping that we tire of the constant stream of lies and chaos and destruction streaming from the White House, betting that we give up the fight.  But the stakes are too high.  We have to keep on working to Fire Feckless Faso and change our nation’s course.  Imagine how good it will feel to send Faso (and, across the nation, a few dozen more Trumpublicans) packing in November.  Imagine the relief you will feel when you learn that Faso is no longer your employee.  That’s our goal, so please do whatever you can to stay engaged, stay motivated, and help turn out the Democratic vote in November…

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